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carrying drugs into jailWe all want to help out friends and loved ones if they are in jail in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are alone and may be frightened.

They may want access to cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol. They may ask that you consider bringing drugs into jail for them.

If someone has made such a request of you, here are some facts that you might want to consider before complying with that request.

How Serious is Bringing Drugs into Jail in Tulsa?

If you are caught bringing drugs into jail or other correctional facility for a loved one in Oklahoma, you will be facing a felony offense. In Oklahoma, a felony conviction means jail time.

Alcohol, along with cell phones and cigarettes, are considered to be contraband materials. Weapons of all sorts are also considered to be contraband.

In addition, the person you are smuggling the contraband in for may also face a felony charge if you are caught.

Elements of the Crime

Under Oklahoma law, a prosecutor must prove every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Here are the elements that must be proven in a criminal case regarding bringing drugs into jail in Tulsa.

1) You must be unauthorized,
2) Bring or have in your possession,
3) A drug (classified under the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act) or a beverage that contains more than one-half of one percent alcohol by volume. (Okla. Stat. tit.57 § 21, OUJI-CR 6-55)

Penalties are Serious

Penalties under this statute are determined by the type of contraband you are caught bringing in.

If you are convicted of bringing drugs into jail in Oklahoma, the penalties are serious. You could spend from one to five years in prison in addition to paying a fine from $100 to $1,000.

The inmate you bring the contraband in for could face another five to 20 years in prison if he or she is caught with the smuggled contraband.

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