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Make Sure You See Your Child

If you’ve been served with divorce papers or plan to file for divorce it’s crucial you speak with a knowledgeable Tulsa Child Custody Attorney. We’ve helped parents around Tulsa to ensure that the final child custody arrangement is in the best interest of you and your child.

In order to make sure you have all the information necessary before you face the judge to decide on child custody, a Tulsa child custody attorney can help assemble all the crucial information required to make sure you get the role you want in your child’ life

How Child Custody’s Determined

An Oklahoma family law court judge won’t just listen to one parent’s side of events in order to determine custody. That’s one of the fears parents going through a divorce think about when wondering about seeing their child again.. We’re here to tell you that our goal is show the unique value of your involvement will bring to improving your child’s life. The family law judge task is to make a decision that is in the best interest of the child.

Another concern parents have is the type of child custody arraignment the court establishes. A Tulsa child custody attorney rarely finds the court establishing sole custody to one parent. Quit often the court issues joint custody of the child to both parents.  That’s why the difference can sometimes depend on how you demonstrate to the court what is best for your child.

Changing Child Custody

A Tulsa child custody attorney can also provide skillful assistance to divorced parents or those with custody rights that are looking to modify their child support or child custody arraignments. There are many factors that court will use to make a final determination on changes to child custody in Oklahoma. We’re here to help you determine the best strategy to move forward with child custody arrangements whether it has to do with house plans, changes in income, financial hardships, work schedules, all elements the child custody judge will use to determine any custody and support modifications.

Easy-To-Understand Consultation: Tulsa Child Custody Attorney

We’ll make your all of your questions about the process are understood when you reach out to a Tulsa child custody lawyer at Seventh Street Tulsa Law Firm. Our office also provides consultation and representation in family law matters.

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