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  • Does a Petty Larceny Tulsa OK Conviction Mean Prison Time?

    No matter how you slice it, if you have a petty larceny Tulsa OK charge, you are in trouble. Larceny is another name for theft. In Oklahoma, it is defined as taking another’s personal property either through fraud or  stealth, with the intent to deprive that person of it. (Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 1701) […]

  • Violating a Protective Order in Tulsa Could Cost You

    Oklahoma courts issue protective orders to protect victims from harm in cases where the victim can show a history of violence or the threat of violence from a particular person. They are often issued in cases of domestic abuse. Typically, a protective order in Tulsa, Oklahoma prohibits contact between the victim and the perpetrator of […]

  • A Child Pornography Charge in Tulsa is a Felony

    As the Internet has grown and thrived, so has child pornography. It has become increasingly available to be shared and downloaded online. As a result, states are cracking down on child pornography. A conviction for a possession, viewing, or distribution of child pornography charge in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a felony. A number of statutes in […]

  • What Happens with a Third Offense or More DUI in Tulsa OK?

    Driving under the influence of an intoxicant or DUI in Tulsa OK can get you into serious trouble. It is difficult to resist that beer or glass of wine when out with friends or family, but there are good reasons to stay sober if you are driving a vehicle in Tulsa. Repeat DUI in Tulsa […]

  • Examining the Crime of Rape by Instrumentation in Tulsa

    We all worry about our wives, our daughters, and our sisters when they go out alone. We are protective of them. Mugging, assault, and rape. These crimes can change the life of a victim. Also, a conviction of rape by instrumentation in Tulsa, Oklahoma can change the life of the accused. Rape is a serious crime […]

  • How Can a Lawyer Help with a First-Degree Manslaughter Tulsa OK Case?

    Death at the hands of another is called a homicide. Death that occurs without a specific intent to kill is deemed manslaughter Tulsa OK. Manslaughter is a serious crime in Oklahoma. If you are facing a manslaughter charge, here are some things you may want to know. Manslaughter Tulsa OK Classifications Oklahoma classifies manslaughter either […]

  • Defining No Drug Tax Stamp in Tulsa

    A stamp act is a law that requires a buyer or seller to pay a tax to the state in certain types of transactions. The tax is paid and the stamp is affixed to the merchandise being sold. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, all drugs, even illicit ones, must have a drug stamp affixed to them upon […]

  • Contesting Charges Under the Computer Crimes Act in Tulsa

    Computers are everywhere these days and so are hackers, identity thieves, and the like. The term “computer crimes” covers a lot of territory, but almost all computer crimes cause damage. Computer crimes are on the rise in Tulsa and other Oklahoma communities. As a result, Oklahoma has passed the Computer Crimes Act. What is a […]

  • What is Possession of a Stolen Vehicle in Tulsa OK?

    Most jurisdictions, including Tulsa, Oklahoma, have statutes designed to prevent or deter auto theft. If you are caught in possession of a stolen vehicle in Tulsa OK, there are several crimes with which you could be charged. Theft of a Vehicle Any person who steals an aircraft, automobile, or other vehicle, including construction or farm […]

  • Drug Trafficking in Tulsa OK is a a Serious Crime

    We all think of drug trafficking in Oklahoma as something that happens on a large-scale level as a result of organized crime. But a conviction for drug trafficking in Tulsa OK will depend more on how much of an illegal drug you are carrying, rather than your intent to sell or share a substance. And […]

  • Arson in Oklahoma Can Result in Serious Consequences in Tulsa

    Arson in Oklahoma is destructive. It can be done for monetary gain. Sometimes arson in Tulsa, Oklahoma is done for the thrill of it. In all cases, it destroys homes, can cause death, and can ruin people’s lives. Defining Arson in Oklahoma Arson is the intentional setting of a fire, with the intent to destroy […]

  • How is Intimidating a Witness Defined in Tulsa?

    It is tempting, when we are facing potentially serious criminal charges, to try to rig the system in our favor by trying to control witness testimony. But in Tulsa, Oklahoma, intimidating a witness may end up costing you more than you know. Intimidating a Witness, Treated Harshly in Tulsa Oklahoma law gives broad rein to […]

  • How Can I Defend Myself Against a Robbery with a Firearm Charge?

    Theft is a generic term for the taking of property that does not belong to you in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But theft comes in all sorts of varieties, from larceny, committed with stealth; to burglary, involving a breaking and entering the property of another with an intent to steal; to robbery with a firearm or general […]

  • What Makes Something Trespassing in Oklahoma?

    We periodically see signs against trespassing in Oklahoma. These signs say “do not enter” or “keep out.” Sometimes, we heed the warning. Other times, we ignore the sign and enter anyway. In Tulsa, that could be considered a crime. Here are some things you might want to know about those “do not enter” signs, and what […]

  • What is the Punishment for Possession of Burglary Tools in Tulsa?

    The idea of burglary tends to make us feel uneasy. We don’t like the idea of our homes and offices being broken into and entered. We don’t like the idea of someone coming into our homes and taking things from them. As a result, Oklahoma is one of the states that will punish a person […]

  • How Can I Fight a Charge of Possession of Marijuana Within 1000 Feet of School in Tulsa?

    Included in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s strict drug laws are prohibitions regarding the possession, use, or trafficking of drugs near schools. Oklahoma wants to protect its children. Mere possession of marijuana within 1000 feet of school in Tulsa can land you in serious trouble. Drugs Near Schools: Facts You Might Want to Know Oklahoma classifies all controlled […]

  • Fighting a Second-Degree Tulsa Burglary Charge

    Burglary comes in two basic types in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can be convicted of a Tulsa burglary charge in either the first or the second degree. While burglary in the first degree is a more serious crime than burglary in the second degree, both are felony convictions in Oklahoma. Also, any felony conviction will mean […]

  • What is a Tulsa Oklahoma Peeping Tom Crime?

    Peeping Toms. It is more than a cute name. It is a sex crime against a person, and Tulsa Oklahoma Peeping Tom crimes are taken seriously. Peeping Toms violate our privacy. They spy on us in our homes, in public toilets, in dressing rooms, and in other places where we expect privacy. It has sexual overtones, […]

  • What a Child Abuse Charge Requires in Tulsa

    We want to protect our children from abuse and neglect. We want them to grow and thrive. As a part of that need and desire, Tulsa, Oklahoma’s child abuse laws prohibit the physical, emotional, or sexual abuse and neglect of children. Unfortunately, Oklahoma has a long history of high rates of domestic abuse, including child […]

  • Fighting a Tulsa Petit Larceny Charge

    A petit larceny charge in Tulsa, Oklahoma is no small matter. To understand petit larceny, you need to also understand what constitutes grand larceny in Oklahoma. Petit Larceny is a Big Deal in Tulsa Under Oklahoma law, larceny is defined as taking another person’s property by fraud or stealth with the intent to deprive that […]

  • How Serious is a No Drivers License Violation in Tulsa?

    A no drivers license violation in Tulsa, Oklahoma can get you into more trouble than you would think. You may think driving without a license is no big deal at first. But depending on the circumstances, you could end up in jail. Here are some things you might want to consider. State Law Requires a License […]

  • What Constitutes an Assault in Tulsa?

    While often listed together under Oklahoma law, which governs Tulsa area crimes, assault and battery are technically two separate crimes. Assault in Tulsa is, “is any willful and unlawful attempt or offer with force or violence to do a corporal hurt to another.” In terms of elements for assault in Tulsa, which are what the […]

  • How Are Assault And Battery Defined In Tulsa, Oklahoma?

    While they are generally listed together under Oklahoma law, assault and battery have different statutory definitions. Despite the different types, punishments, and situations for the crime, the basic definition remains the same. Assault Defined In Oklahoma, “[a]n assault is any willful and unlawful attempt or offer with force or violence to do a corporal hurt […]

  • In Tulsa, What Is The Crime Of False Impersonation?

    Oklahoma state law governs crimes in Tulsa, including false impersonation. Generally, it is against the law to deceive others for any type of gain. Technically, this crime is listed in the statutes as false personation, rather than impersonation. This crime is divided into several types. Types of Offenses If you pretend to be another person, […]

  • Examining Domestic Assault And Battery In Tulsa

    While assault and battery is serious in general, there is heightened punishment and stigma associated with the crime in the domestic context. Domestic assault and battery is defined as committing an assault and battery against, “a current or former spouse, a present spouse of a former spouse, a former spouse of a present spouse, parents, a […]